Equipment and Instruments

The college machine room has various machines used in the pharmaceutical industries at different stages of production, quality control and packing. Tabletting machines, coating and polishing pans, bottle filling machines, and Q.C. instruments like friability tester, DT and Dissolution test apparatus, are the important ones, apart from other modern and sophisticated machines and instruments to update the facilities.
Important equipments and instruments added include HPLC, Gas chromatograph, colorimeters, single pan balance, pH meters, refractometer, conductivity meter, BOD incubator, tabletting machine tray drier, laminar flow unit, photo fluorimeter, digital flame photometer, nephelometer, digital potentiometer, colony counter, convulsiometer, analgesiometer, biochemistry analyser, plethysmometer , cookes pole climbing apparatus, histometer, Karl Fischer titration assembly CL-59, U.V-Visible spectrophotometer, HPLC (schimadzu) with U.V.-Florescence detector.
General equipments purchased for the office use include Nelcoplain paper copier, network electronic typewriter, gestener electronic stencil cutter, modi xerox, water coolers and refrigerators. A computer room with PCs is setup since May 1993, for office purpose.

Department Equipped With Equipment

Pharmaceutical Technology

	Tablet punching machine 16 stationary GMP model
	8 Stage Dissolution Apparatus ( 3 instruments )
	UV double beam spectrophotometer  ( 2 instruments )
	Disintegration Apparatus
	Friability Apparatus
	Brookfield Viscometer
	Digital balances ( 10 instruments )
	Capsule filling machine.
	Humidity chamber
	Mechanical stirrers


	Biochemistry Analyzer
	5 Stage and 3 Stage Rota Rod Apparatus
	Cook's Pole Climbing Response Apparatus 
	Digital Photoactometer
	Maze Apparatus & Shock Chamber
	Diuretic cages
	Digital balances ( 10 instruments )
	Haematology Analyser

Pharmaceutical Analysis

	Gas Chromatography
	Flame Photometer
	UV double beam spectrophotometer  ( 2 instruments )
	Turbidometer & Nephlometer

Pharmaceutical chemistry

	Microwave reactor
	Fully automated rotary evaporator
	TLC chamber
	Distillation apparatus


	Compound microscopes  ( 100 instruments )
	Laminar air flow 
	BOD incubator
	Microwave oven