Value added \ certificate courses

S.No Academic Year Course name No.Of students registered Duration of Course Course Outcome View
1 2016-17 certificate course on Hands on training of laboratory techniques in organic synthesis 68 45Hrs At the outset of this course, the student is able to acquire knowledge and skill set required for organic synthesis of compounds.
2 2016-17 Value added course on Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing 65 30Hrs This course enables the students to embrace the knowledge about various steps involved in the pharmaceutical marketing process and provide them information about pharmaceutical product promotion.
3 2017-18 Value added course on Health education and nutrition 105 50Hrs This course provides the students about the importance of health education and nutrition with a comprehensive insight into the principles of epidemiology, pathophysiology of common diseases and the preventive measures.
4 2017-18 Certificate course on Hands on training programme in extraction techniques 100 30Hrs The course outcome for this program involves providing principals, methodology and practical skills required for various extraction techniques used for phytochemicals such as maceration, percolation, infusion, decoction, soxhlation etc.
5 2018-19 Certificate course on handling of animals 180 30Hrs This course is aimed at orienting the student towards the ecological habits and handling techniques required for dealing with the common laboratory animals used in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology.
6 2018-19 A Certificate course on Paradigm shift in Intellectual Property Rights 85 36Hrs This main aim of this course is to enlighten the students about the intellectual property rights (IPRs), patents, copyrights, trademarks and the process for application of patents.
7 2018-19 Value added course on manufacturing and evaluation of tablets 73 60Hrs  To understand the formulation and evaluation of tablets and also learn about the operating of tablet punching equipment.
8 2019-20 A value added course on induction training of medical coding 111 42Hrs This course serves as an induction training program for the medical coding and the ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, PCS guidelines in addition to the current CPC framework at global level
9 2019-20 A value added course on Good Laboratory practices for fail-safe and effective experimentation 148 36Hrs This course is targeted at inculcating good laboratory practices, standing operating procedures (SOPs) and other such validated protocols to be followed in the pharmaceutical laboratories.
10 2020-21 Certificate course on molecular docking studies using Autodock Vina Software 49 30Hrs The outcomes of this course include the theoretical principles involved in the QSAR studies, usability of Autodock Vina for carrying out the docking, and screening the pharmacologically active ligands.
11 2020-21 Certificate course on Hands on training programme in Analytical Instruments 113 40Hrs This course is aimed at providing practical expertise to the students in handling the analytical instruments like UV spectrophotometer, colorimeter, pH meter, fluorimeter along with the troubleshooting exercises.
12 2020-21 Value added course on role of medicinal plants in society 21 50Hrs The main aim of this course is to reinforce the need for natural resources in developing medicines, along with introducing the commonly used medicinal plants, authentication process, and the procedures for isolation of active phytochemicals.
13 2020-21 Certificate course on Method development and validation by HPLC 105 30Hrs The outcomes of this course include the enlightenment of students regarding the steps used in method development and validation by HPLC along with its troubleshooting
14 2020-21 Value added course on Advances in Drug delivery system 41 30Hrs The outcomes of this course are orienting the students regarding the recent advances in drug delivery systems such as controlled drug delivery, targeted drug delivery, transdermal drug delivery systems etc
15 2020-21 Value added course on Behavorial studies by Maze apparatus 35 30Hrs The outcomes of this course include the ability to use maze apparatus for the development of drugs used in the Central Nervous system such as antipyschotics, antidepressants, etc