Department of Pharmacology

The post graduate programme in M. Pharm - Pharmacology was introduced in the year 2010 under Andhra University, India.

Pharmacology, a specialized branch of biomedical science, deals with the interaction between drugs and living system. This subject helps in comprehending the cellular and molecular mechanisms of action of various pharmacological agents and exploring their potential in curing a pathological state, thus contributing remarkably to other fields of biomedical sciences such as genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, and clinical medicine.


Pharmacological research is inevitable not only in pharmaceutical sciences but also in life science research. Studies involve the knowledge of pharmacology when a compound is being tested for its biological effect in in-vivo or in vitro experiments. Therefore, preclinical studies constitute a major phase in the drug discovery and developmental process. The thrust areas of research dealt under the postgraduate course structure in the college include inflammation, psycho-pharmacology and pharmacokinetic studies. The ongoing research activities involve screening of synthetic and herbal drugs for their antitumor, hepatoprotective, nootroopic, Antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory , analgesic , Muscle Relaxant Activity , Anti-Hyperlipedemic, Diuretic& Anti-Urolithiatic and various invitro activities like antioxidant, anticoagulant, antihistaminic, antiurolithiatic and antiinflammatory activity taking into consideration due aspects of toxicological profiling.


To provide instruction of the highest quality in pharmacology & toxicology

The program is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

To provide practical training on different techniques of animal handling, developing animal models for various diseases, in vitro assay techniques and handling instruments used in biomedical research.

To encourage post graduates to undertake quality preclinical research, this will render the young minds independent, creative and productive thinkers in drug research

To become a centre of excellence in preclinical studies, molecular pharmacology and cancer research

Career Opportunities

Pharmacology Professionals can be employed as:

Research associates in Preclinical R & D

Research associates in Clinical research.

Pharmacovigilance and drug safety officers in clinical research organization. Academicians.

Medical writer in telemedicine.

Regulatory affair executives.

Pharmacologists in government and private sectors

Current area of research

in vitro and in vivo Anti-inflammatory , Antipyretic Activities , Analgesic activities , Wound healing activity , Antidiabetic activity , Hepatoprotective activity , Antiurolithiatic activity , Diuretic activity , Nootropic activity , Antidepressant activity , In vitro Antibacterial , In vitro Anthelmintic activities , In vitro Radical scavenging activities , In vitro anticancer activity , In vitro anticoagulant activity and Screening of different drugs on various isolated tissues like Chick intestine , Guinea pig ileum , Rat uterus, fundus, colon and ileum , Frog skeletal muscle .