Secretary Message of Aditya College of Pharmacy

From the desk of Secretary

Dear Students,
Completing my study in Good Shepherd school of Ooty which is considered as the best in the country, I have established my identity with Soft ware field with a virgin beginning as a humble employee and I was elevated as a team leader. With an intention to share my experiences and to propel the students of Aditya to reach high destinations, I have taken up the assignment in Aditya as secretary of the group. In the back - drop of globalization, the barriers of the countries as well as continents are wiped out. Undoubtedly the spectrum of employment opportunities is widened with the advent of entry of multi National companies in to the industrial hemisphere. Phenomenal changes are taking place in the global pharmaceutical industry. With the GATT coming into force and patent laws being strictly implemented - the industry is looking for highly capable, intelligent and innovative workforce. The drug industry is a multibillion dollar enterprise with an annual growth rate of more than 20 % in India. Understanding and mastering the technical and scientific skills of pharmaceutical sciences is essential for the manufacture of novel formulations and discovering pro-active medicines. I am sure the students entering the portals of Aditya Campus will have immense opportunity to widen their knowledge base and every effort will be made by the committed faculty to give the best training to the student. With my experience in multinational software industry, I fully understand the demands of a rapidly developing industry and our endeavour will focus on providing all the inputs to the students pursuing a highly demanding course such as Pharmacy to make them an all-round professionals.
I wish you all the best.